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Smirnoff - Made With Social Ingredients

In 2021, Smirnoff had lost relevance with 18-24 year olds. To reconnect with this key audience, we needed to have a presence on a platform this audience are fixated on. So, Smirnoff created drinks made with social ingredients that were shared daily on Instagram. By scouring social feeds, online forums, news outlets, and release dates, the drinks were conceptualised, formulated, and dispatched each day. When Britney Spears was freed from her conservatorship, we made THE #FREEDBRITNEY in her honour. When Adele released her much anticipated album, we celebrated with THE 30. And when NASA send a rocket into space to destroy an asteroid, we marked the occasion with THE 3..2..1..LIFTOFF.

The creations and their recipes were posted every 24 hours - turning our social feed into a recipe book and our followers into mixologists. While Instagram was the lead platform, the drinks were amplified in large format digital OOH.

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