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MND New Zealand - David's Unusables

TradeMe is used by over 600,000 New Zealanders every day to buy and sell second-hand goods. David's Unusables hijacked this online marketplace to educate New Zealanders on Motor Neurone Disease – an incurable, debilitating condition that slowly takes away every ability you once had. David, a man living with MND, sold his unusable belongings in a digital timeline reflective of his deterioration – starting with bigger items like bicycles and fishing rods, through to simple everyday items like cutlery and furniture as his condition declined. Each listing told of his personal connection to the item, and revealed the devastating reasons it had become unusable to him. By doing so, the campaign turned online auctions into an education resource and generated vital donations at the same time.

David's Unusables won a Gold Lion at Cannes, Best in Discipline at One Show, and was ranked the #4 Most Awarded Campaign in the 2022 One Show Global Creative Rankings.

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